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We Love Barbecue Cooking!

Welcome to Barbecue Geeks, we so glad you dropped in! We set this site up to share what we do and enjoy, you see we are committed barbecue enthusiasts, we love them, from gas to charcoal and even, yes even electric! these days anyone can have a BBQ wherever that may be, but not everyone uses it to the full potential they were meant for.

When we started the barbecue centre we never thought we would still enjoy every part of it – all these years later, so much so that we try so hard to spread the whole experience as much as possible, some say gas is best and most will tell you that charcoal is the only way, in fact either these days can give you the same results with 1000’s of accessories available to aid you in cooking and help you achieve the perfect results every time.

Our aim here is to provide you with advise and tips on every area of al-fresco cooking, from barbecues to recipes and useful tips without the tricks! we are impartial and so can give you help based on our own experiences, we will be looking through the web to find the latest news and products.

We hope you can stick around and keep dropping in, and remember we also want to hear from you, your success stories and experiences, drop us a comment and share your recipes with everyone.

We believe that the barbecue should have a prominent place in every home, it is something that brings everyone together, where does everyone stand when you have a party in the home? – the kitchen, well when it’s barbecue time no-one gets a chance to stand in the kitchen and no-one wants to, the garden is where its at.

Something we don’t do here in the UK enough is enjoy our family and take a second to stop and look at what we have, and not much actually makes us do that, dinner parties leave us all crammed in round the dining room table, whereas a BBQ we can all enjoy the fresh air, good food and incredible company, lets start the revolution and get out in the garden after all it was the deal clincher when you bought the house so now you can start to use it!. Today a decent charcoal BBQ will cost you less that £60, or gas from £150 so what are you waiting for? go out get one and come back here, well show you all you need to know – go one you know you want to! – see you soon..