Barbecues and Your Budget

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 @ 08:08 AM
Lee Phillips

The barbecue centre has been supplying gas and charcoal barbecues for over 35 years, we have seen many good and bad BBQ manufacturers and now supply only the best available, from the entry level such as Outback to the premium brands like Weber and Broil King. The professional barbecues are at the forefront and lead the way with design and innovation and are for the professional or demanding barbecue enthusiast.

If your looking to enter the barbecue way of life and have not used one before, then the recommendation always remains the same, tread water first, enter at an affordable level and make sure you have the time and enjoy the experience before going full throttle into the biggest you can buy, some premium gas barbecues can cost thousands of pounds, with an entry professional grill costing anything from £800.

Once you have decided that you want to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, take cost and convenience into account, gas is now the choice for 90%, it’s easy and quick to fire up, this means you’re more likely to use it often. Now if your new your budget is best kept as low as possible, do however take care not to make it too low, this could affect the quality of barbecue you end up with, in turn this can put you off the experience all together, we would always advise that you should look at a £150 to £300 budget for your first gas purchase.

This is where Outback often steps in, they provide a good grill at an affordable price, they offer the same features as a more professional equivalent but on a smaller scale, these grills will see you through a couple of seasons setting you up to either continue barbecuing or if you find you don’t use it you haven’t spent a fortune trying out the lifestyle.

Another brand that offers entry level cooking is Broil King with the popular gem barbecue, priced at under £200 it offers more features and build quality to the larger professional series BBQ’s, the Broil King barbecues have over-sized cook boxes so that you can really try out everything outdoor cooking has to offer, from whole chickens to racks of meat.

Whatever grill you choose, remember that the whole experience is for enjoyment, make sure that you are made aware of all the facts regarding what barbecue you choose, speak to a barbecue centre or supplier to ensure that spares are available, research your list of choices on the Internet to find reviews. One major point that is almost always overlooked is the gas, be aware that your initial outlay for the gas will be around £60, this is because if you don’t already own a gas cylinder you will need to enter into a “bottle agreement”. When you first have a gas bottle you will be charged not just for the gas, but a one-off payment has to be made for the rental of the bottle itself, so do include this in your budget, along with extra items, one really important one being a cover if not included with the BBQ.

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