Cast Iron vs Stainless & Cooking Medium Safety

Friday, March 14, 2014 @ 09:03 AM
Lee Phillips

The barbecue industry as a whole uses 4 different cooking mediums; here we take a brief look at what one is best not only to cook on but from a safety point of view as well. When buying a bbq you generally have the following choices:

  1. Steel powder coated grills
  2. Steel chrome plated grills
  3. Stainless Steel grills
  4. Cast Iron grills & Griddles

Now the first two are found on entry level bbqs, they are fine but don’t really provide any great heat retention, so cooking at high temperatures is difficult, also when (and it will) the coating starts to crack and peel off inevitably some will find its way on to your food, far from an ideal situation. From a safety aspect, you are eating a substance that is nothing other than poison to your body.

Stainless steel offers a great, practical cooking medium that is easy to clean offers good heat retention and will not flake nasty pieces of coating into your food, so for most people it offers the perfect solution, you can even put your grills in the dishwasher! On a slight downside with high temperatures even stainless will over time start to revert back to standard steel and show signs of rust, at this point it’s time to change them. Lastly from a cooking point of view, Stainless will not release meat as easily as Cast iron; foods can stick and may pull apart when trying to turn it.

Cast iron, the daddy of cooking mediums, and one of the safest forms of cooking surfaces, it does not leach out dangerous chemicals, offers the very best heat retention and is the most diverse cooking surface allowing you to cook anything with total control. When searing meats, once sealed the cast iron will release the food easily allowing you to serve up perfect steaks.

An interesting article on various cooking mediums can be found below:


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