How to be more adventurous this Barbecue Season

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 @ 07:06 AM
Lee Phillips

Summers arriving and your get the BBQ out but it can be very easy to slip into autopilot whilst dusting off the grill for the summer. By the time you’ve shed your winter clothes; cheeseburgers and hot dogs undoubtedly seem like an exciting novelty. But what happens after that first glorious weekend?


The tendency is to stick with what you know when you worry that the warm weekends are fleeting but fear not! Here are a few extremely quick and great for barbecues that will impress guests without breaking the bank meaning you’ll have more to spend on your shiny new Barbecue cooking up things that will amaze your guests and have them coming back for more.

Jamaican Jerk BBQ Sauce


Jerk is very often at the heart of Jamaican cuisine and proves that flavouring and sauces are often as important as the meat itself. A tantalising combination between sweet and spicy that is always a sure fire way to breathe new life into your usual meat that can become dried out on the grill. Recipes are easy to come by and can be tweaked in a myriad of ways to suit your taste. This can be easily made from a standard bbq sauce – or you can be a bit more adventurous and do it from scratch!



Bear with us on this one: If you’ve recently tried grilling and skewering prawns you’ll be more than aware of how much of a fiddle they can be. Not to mention how insubstantial and disappointing the results of your hard work on the grill can be when compared to burgers and sausages. Where fish is concerned, Portugal has the right idea in this respect and it is famed for its delicious grilled sardines. If you ask your fishmonger, he’ll be more than happy to gut your fish in advance for you. Olive oil and salt is your friend before you get them on the grill, remove the bones when steaming hot and some dill, rosemary and some salt crushed up is an excellent finishing touch.


Haloumi Skewers

If you’re a carnivore that is bored of the vegetable skewer then how do you think those poor vegetarians feel? An excellent and simple marinade that usually used on poultry works wonders here too, this includes nothing more than lime juice, garlic, chili and mint. Roll the haloumi in sesame seeds which will toast beautifully on the grill adding an excellent nutty aftertaste and also making you a hit with your local veggie contingent in the process. Delicious!

Venison Sausages


Number four is a great example of getting maximum results and variation from something simple as a different meat. Pork sausages are a crowd-pleasing BBQ staple but can sometimes lack certain nuances of flavour that can only be compensated for with a huge dollop of ketchup or by going for spicy alternatives which aren’t always a great idea when different people have various tolerances for hot food. Venison, on the other hand, is rich and smoky and will most definitely secure your place amongst the grilling greats. Pop them in a hot dog bun with some mustard and prepare your tastebuds for a wild ride.

So don’t forget to be adventurous this summer season and make something out of nothing. Chuck away the frozen burgers and make it your mission to impress and try something new. Fear of failure is not acceptable when it comes to barbecuing – you need to grab the bull by the horns and just get going. Be brave

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