Top 5 Tips for Smoking Your Way To Success

Thursday, June 6, 2013 @ 06:06 AM
Lee Phillips

To many, the act of barbecuing meat may seem as easy as simply throwing something on the grill. While this will work fine, a little bit of knowhow and a few different techniques can mean significantly tastier results.

Smoking is a method of preparation that is older than recorded history and, from Bosnian Suho Miso all the way to Southern BBQ brisket, the enhanced flavours ensure it is considered a delicacy in a variety of cultures. While electric, charcoal, gas or wood smokers will all get the job done the Weber Smokey Mountain comes highly recommended for this sort of work and it can also be used as a standard kettle charcoal BBQ. Alternatively, the Weber Style Smoker Box is an excellent addition to your collection of barbecue accessories and can give you all the benefits of smoking whilst using a gas grill. If you’re a first-timer, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Smoking doesn’t necessarily mean slow cooking:

While smoking has a certain reputation that suggests you should be cooking chunks of meat for hours at a time this isn’t necessarily true. The same principle of great taste through smoking also applies even it is just a matter of minutes and is often the preferred method if you are preparing vegetables, shrimp and steak.

2. No Peeking

Even though it can be difficult to resist checking up on your meat, try to lift the lid as little as possible. Temperature and smoke are vital to the process of smoking and both of these components are lost as soon as you sneak a look underneath the lid. Try not to fiddle around too much: If you’re planning on checking up on the food or want to tend to the fire or the water pan, just do all three at once and minimise the amount of the time that the lid is up. In short: Relax!

3. Don’t Overdo It.

It can be tempting to throw on a lot of woodchip in the hope that it will increase flavour but very often all this will ensure is that wood will become too prominent in the recipe. A good tip to help fight this urge and make sure you’re not overdoing it is to smoke your meat for approximately half of the overall cooking time. Planning on cooking ribs for four hours? Smoke them for two and let the heat do the rest.

4. Pay attention to the smoke.

Put simply: White smoke is a good sign while black smoke most definitely is not. Black smoke indicates that the woodchip needs to be moved around a little and the air is becoming trapped so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. While white smoke flavours the food and is what you should be aiming for at all times black smoke simply means your meat won’t taste anywhere near as good.

5. Check Your Vents

Your bottom vents should be wide open and it’s well worth checking them to make sure that they are not clogged up with ash. Similarly, the top vents on the lid should also be open. In addition, your top vents should be positioned away from the direction that the smoke is travelling: This draws the smoke over your food meaning that it spends more time under the lid flavouring your food before leaving through the vent.

If you follow these tips you’re sure to end up with meat the Smoking good!


This article was written by an official Weber BBQ partner and online retailer from the UK.

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