Winter Storage of the Barbecue

Friday, April 13, 2012 @ 09:04 AM
Lee Phillips

Most don’t cook on the barbecue during the winter, a bit of a shame as there is loads you can do, even the Christmas Turkey!, however we see a lot of people with weather damage to the wooden frames on there barbecues even though they have the cover on.

The biggest reason is the cover, they are designed to protect from the rain, wind and generally bad weather, however with protection can come trouble. Most barbecue covers are constructed with a special barrier on the inside layer, this can get damp with condensation, then if a warmer spell comes along that condensation can transfer to the wooden parts of the barbecue and caused mould to start growing, this can also happen all over other parts of the grill and inside on the cooking surfaces, however it can be cleaned easily with soapy water and the grills fired up to clean the internal cooking area. Unfortunately if the wooden surfaces get damp and are not dried quickly this will cause the wood to stain permanently, whilst this will not immediately affect the workings of the barbecue, it will over time weaken and cause the wood to rot-out faster and short term look worse.

To help reduce this try to air the barbecue on good days, and during bad weather keep the cover on tight, once the weather has eased up and is dry you can loosen the cover to help airflow back in to eliminate any internal damp. If your cover is getting old, think about replacing it with a modern one, most suppliers now are bringing out better fitted covers with greater protection from the elements, Broilking have just launched their new premium covers, designed for a perfect fit to the barbecue and offer superb protection, a video here explains the covers in detail:

If you park up the barbecue in the garden shed, we would still recommend a good quality cover, remember the mower, children’s bikes and all manor of garden tools also take residence in the shed, it’s a dusty place with dry grass cuttings, mud from boots in and out etc, this dust and mud if not covered properly will get into your barbecue grills and even worse in the burners. A cover will also offer protection from anything that may fall on it or be lent up to it, although modern porcelain on a good quality barbecue will be scratch proof to a degree, it’s still better to be safe than sorry!

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