Broil King Imperial XL – The King of Barbecue Cooking

Thursday, May 31, 2012 @ 10:05 AM
Lee Phillips

The Broilking Imperial XL is one of the largest gas barbecues available in the UK before you step into the world of build-in kitchens, and in fact even then the Imperial XL offers a larger cooking area than a lot of build-in grills. The XL is not just a barbecue, it’s an entertaining centre-piece with solid construction and stunning design you can cook in style for just 2, or cook for a party of 22 the Imperial XL offers outstanding flexibility, whilst remaining an affordable barbecue.

The Imperial XL was inspired by professional cooking appliances, it offers stylish stainless steel construction to compliment your outdoor living room and premium cooking grills for outstanding performance, the two cooking ovens allow you to create meals cooked individually at different temperatures all at the same time, your guests can enjoy perfectly cooked food from a variety of ingredients all ready and served together, whilst you remain calm knowing your XL has put you in complete control. Full depth pull out drawers are deep enough for grill brushes with enough storage space for all the accessories you will ever need.

Flexibility and room to cook

Two independent cooking ovens on the XL provide you with the versatility of an outdoor kitchen – you can roast, bake or rotisserie cook in the large oven while smoking or searing in the small oven, with both cook boxes being deep in design they promote even heat distribution and therefore give you plenty of room for large cuts of meat such as turkeys and roasts.

True Barbecue flavour

A key component to the magic behind all Broil King barbecues is the stainless steel “Flav-r-wave” system. This cooking medium is what creates that true authentic barbecue flavour; food juices are first vaporized when placed on the cooking grills, then as the drippings drop to the Stainless Steel flav-r-wave system they are vaporized – the smoke that is created then rises to infuse your food with the unmistakable authentic barbecue flavour.  The Broil King Imperial XL flav-r-wave is designed to eliminate flat spots, this design ensures that all juices are vaporized and none get left to pool and burn.

Steakhouse quality cooking

The Imperial XL has the trademark reversible heavy duty cast iron cooking grids, these carry heat evenly and have outstanding heat retention to give you the steakhouse sear marks and help create that authentic barbecue flavour, by using heavier cooking grids Broil King barbecues provide better heat retention and searing power. Turn the cooking grates over and you will see that they have a ridge with a flow off exit at each end, these are designed for high fat content meats such as sausages and some burgers, by cooking on the reverse side you allow 90% of the fats to drain away past the flv-r-wave reducing the risks of any flare-ups, the remaining 10% of fats do make it to the flav-r-wave to enhance the foods flavour as normal.

Eliminate hot and cold spots 

The key to great grilling is even heat distribution from the burners to the grills, BTUs quoted on any BBQ are only important in relation to the efficiency of the overall cooking system.  The Imperial XL offers dual tube burners, these eliminate hot and cold spots on the cooking surface. The patented linear flow valve system provides you with precise heat control across the full range of High to Low temperatures throughout cooking, all this coupled with the Imperial XL’s heavy gauge stainless steel burners offer you not only long life but outstanding durability and total control over the internal cooking temperature.

Lasting Quality

Take out all the advances in the cooking medium, burners and flav-r-wave, the shell of the Imperial XL will stand the test of time – North American made steel, heavy gauge components, premium quality finishes and rust-proof hardware – all these build elements will ensure your investment lasts for years, backed by the knowledge that Broil King don’t just make barbecues, they cook on them to, this is why they have been successful in creating an entire range of barbecues that cater for every keen BBQ enthusiast, the whole system on a Broil King works, proven from the ground up and backed by a world leading warranty.

The Broilking Imperial XL Gas Barbecue boasts a massive cooking area and output of:

  • Grill Dimensions:
  • Length: 193cm (76″)
  • Width: 63cm (24.8″)
  • Height: 124cm (49.2″)
  • NG Weight: 137kg (304lbs)
  • 60,000 BTU stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burner system
  • 10,000 BTU cast brass side burner
  • 15,000 BTU stainless steel rear rotisserie burner
  • Premium rotisserie kit included
  • 1000 sq. in. total cooking surface including porcelain coated warming rack
  • 500 sq. in. primary cooking surface – Large Oven
  • 225 sq. in. primary cooking surface – Small Oven
Fully Loaded Broil King Imperial XL Gas Barbecue

Fully Loaded Broil King Imperial XL Gas Barbecue

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