Broil King Keg – The Ultimate Charcoal BBQ!

Friday, August 31, 2012 @ 08:08 AM
Lee Phillips

Yesterday we fired up and cooked on a Broil King Keg, something we have wanted to do for some time and a local function forced us into giving it a whirl. It was a simple cook-up, just a plain Chicken with a few wood chips thrown in for luck……….. what a barbecue! the Chicken was perfect, and the Keg used only the smallest amount of lump-wood.

We loaded the Broil King to the barbecue centre website and have watched the video, but nothing prepares you for actually using it, and one thing that stands out over all the other spec is just how safe it is. The Keg is not only built well as you would expect from Broil King, but the construction of the Keg, double walled and insulated means that as per the spec it really does hold in the heat, but the real bonus here is that at 300ยบ you can touch the outside and it is simply “warm”, now with barbecues being held primarily in the home garden and children running around I know from experience how careful you need to be keeping them clear of the BBQ, especially charcoal barbecues, they are thin and the whole unite gets hot, the Keg is a different story.

Now, there is unfortunately a sort of downside, the Keg is not really your sausage and burger BBQ, don’t get me wrong, you can cook them on it, but it would be a waste of the Keg’s potential, this is a long burn, low and slow BBQ, it has been built and insulated to run on a very small amount of fuel over a long period of time with the lid closed, you can create anything from a stew to perfect flakey pulled pork or brisket, tender slow cooked meat is the Keg’s party trick.

For us, if you have a gas barbecue, then the Broil King Keg would be a perfect addition, a weekend feast is easy, use the gas for small meats and vegetable dishes and use the Keg for the large cuts that can be cooked slowly for a really tender result. You can add wood chips for extra flavour, remember to only use a small amount, you will be cooking for longer so the flavour really does cook in to the food.

We used about 2 handfuls of catering grade hardwood (the Keg is designed for lump-wood rather than briquettes/heat beads), once the firelighters have gone out you can start to cook immediately, we lit the Keg at about 10am and it went out at about 4.30pm on just 2 handfuls of lump-wood, it maintained temperature accurately. Overall we love it, everyone here now wants to own one, we can not recommend it enough.

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