Make a Garden Feature with a Buschbeck Garden Stove

Thursday, July 26, 2012 @ 05:07 PM
Lee Phillips

This year has seen a huge increase in the sale and production of masonry stoves, one brand in particular is Buschbeck, constructed from masonry with stunning visual design and practical use, Buschbeck stoves can be used as garden fireplaces, or ovens and barbecues, a versatile centre piece for any garden with a design suitable for all.

Now with increased popularity for the entire range, more accessories are becoming available, from gas inserts for those who want to use the stove as more of a barbecue, to pizza ovens and heavy duty grill plates. The added beauty is that you are never limited to any one type of fuel, most Buschbeck stoves can be used with anything from wood, to charcoal and briquettes, and you can choose what fuel to burn depending on what your either cooking, or simply using it for a focal point on a mild summer evening, adding a little heat to your surroundings, letting you enjoy the garden you work so hard for.

With prices starting at around £350 it also doesn’t cost the earth to own one, do however bear in mind that they are heavy, so a permanent site must be located and assembly often requires the cementing of each part, all you need is included with every stove, but once erected, it would be a big job to take down, so choose your location well, and leave enough space around it for safety and cleaning.

Most who choose a masonry stove already own a barbecue, the stove is used for occasional cooking, but prmarily as an outdoor fireplace, however if you have the budget we really do recommend the pizza insert, if you cook nothing else, you really should try it for the perfect pizzas!

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