Outback Barbecues’ – A BBQ for Every Budget

Friday, June 8, 2012 @ 07:06 AM
Lee Phillips

Outback Barbecues’ have become one of the UK’s best known BBQ brands. Sold in garden centres nationwide, Outback is a well known and trusted brand. Unique designs and continued development demonstrates the companies commitment to providing consumers with a quality barbecue with innovation and longevity. Here we provide some useful information to guide you through the Outback range, from the purchase to some tips on safe cooking.

Choosing the best barbecue for purpose; whatever type of barbecue you choose does really fall down to personal taste, gas offers convenience whilst charcoal offers authenticity. All Outback barbecues’ cook delicious tasty food with, both gas and charcoal give the food the smokey flavour, this is achieved by juices falling to the coals or flavour bars, the smoke rises and bastes the food resulting in the authentic BBQ flavour.

How to use the barbecue; Outback barbecues are supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual to help you get started, however below are a few pointers to help you on your way to cooking the perfect food on your new grill.

  • Make sure your barbecue is in a safe place. It must be outdoors and on level ground, ensure that it sits at least 1 metre away from flammable materials such as trees or fences.
  • If you have a gas barbecue, leak test it every year. Check the hose connections are tight and leak test each time you reconnect the gas bottle.
  • If you have a hooded barbecue, never light it with the hood closed.
  • Excessive fat on meat can result in flare-ups so trim off before grilling, use cooking sauces and marinades sparingly. Where possible try to avoid cheap cuts of meat and meat products as these will have a much higher fat and water content, when cooking such meats, make use of drip trays and place them under the grill to catch drippings.
  • Cook all barbecued food thoroughly and never cook anything from frozen. A temperature guage/probe will check the internal temperature of your food to make certain it is completely cooked.

Getting the technique right.

  • Different types of charcoal burn at varying speeds and temperatures, the best guide is a visual one; the charcoal should always be ash grey on the outside and glowing red in the centre.
  • Gas grills should be lit and pre-heated for 10 to 15 minutes before you start cooking.
  • Sear your food over a high heat on both sides, then move to a medium heat to complete the cooking.
  • Marinate for flavour; try to allow at least two hours marinating time before cooking.
  • Warming racks are ideal to keep cooked food warm, or to warm items such as bread rolls. Place the food at the front of the rack to avoid the possibility of juices and fat running down the back of your barbecue.

Remember that the barbecue is for fun, use it safely and enjoy quality time at home with family and friends, go to the website for a complete range of Outback barbecues and accessories.


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