Bank Holiday Monday Brings the Rain :-(

Monday, April 9, 2012 @ 08:04 AM
Lee Phillips

Today is Bank Holiday Monday, and were here at the barbecue centre looking out at the rain, what a poor end to the Bank Holiday :-(

But, we have to say that the rain should never stop you from enjoying food cooked outside, oh no. Cooking properly on a barbecue means having the hood down, so there’s nothing stopping you from firing up the gas or charcoal barbecue and throwing on a big juicy joint ready for dinner later, or go one better and get yourself a smoker, then set it up and within a few hours you will be sitting down to one of the best cooked meats you have ever tasted, go on you know you want to!

For now, from us here, were off to get another cuppa and enjoy some good old eggs and bacon cooked of-course on the BBQ!

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