Outback Launch new Commercial Barbecue

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 @ 12:03 PM
Lee Phillips

Outback have always kept ahead of the game in so many ways, but the one rule that keeps them at the front of everyone’s mind is what you get for your money, from the general home owners view, you want a barbecue that will cope with burgers, bangers and a few corn on the cob – Outback meet that very requirement time after time having also won a considerable number of Which? Magazine best buy awards. This year Outback have stepped once again onto some new ground, many other barbecue manufacturers stick with the style and BBQ they are used to and that has proven to work for them, this is by no means a problem, but Outback look at things in a slightly different light and this may be just why they have such a well known name in the industry.

This year brings the new “Commercial” barbecue. Designed to provide the caterer, publican or party organiser with an alfresco menu selection for weddings, family celebrations, fund-raising and similar social occasions, the easy-to-store and collapsible barbecue is seen as an economical addition for event catering and with the celebrations surrounding the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee it seems like this latest addition has come just in time!

The commercial specs include:

• Cooking Area (usable sq inches) 539sq.in
• Firebox Size (inches): 32
• Cooking Area (primary + warming): 539sq.in
• Each gas burner (5 in total) will produce 5 x 14000 BTU Total BTU’S: 70000BTU
• Ignition Type: Electronic

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