Swiss Grill Launch Build-in Barbecue Range

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 @ 12:03 PM
Lee Phillips

Swiss Grill Zurich Z650 Build-in BBQ

Swiss Grill, this is a company who has really taken the UK market, not the largest range available and if your looking for charcoal it’s a no go, but for big gas grills, climb aboard! The Zurich range was launched as the big daddy BBQ’s with all Stainless Steel construction, sturdy design and build and we have to say very, very good heat output, but on top of that they are committed to listening to there customers, they are quick to act and understand what they are being told when it comes to functionality – a rare thing these days. Now we understand that the Zurich Z460 & Z650 models are available this year as build-in heads, this really is good news.

Build-in barbecues are gaining popularity year after year, customers are looking to create grill centres in the garden, and were up for that, it means that the barbecue evolves into a cooking area – an outside kitchen ready to go at any time, so it gets used and you get great food and fresh air! info is a little thin on the ground at the moment with not even Swiss Grill having images, (but the stock is available and ready to go in the UK) however a sneak peak is available thanks to us at the barbecue centre!

As you can see the grill head is stunning in design and we can confirm that the quality is second to none, and with an RRP from £899.99 we are pretty confident in saying that we expect big things from Swiss Grill this year.

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