Why BarbecueGeeks?

Why BarbecueGeeks?So why did we start this site? well we have been in the barbecue trade for years, that makes us kind of experts (or so were told)! so the question is why not share what we know and enjoy about cooking outdoors in the sun, snow or dead of night! you see we don’t believe that BBQ cooking should just be for summer, and in fact us Brits are probably the only country who don’t cook outside all year round.

I cant think of a better way of getting family and friends together, ask them round for dinner and half will come, let them know the BBQ will be on and all will flock in something about the barbecue gets everyone in a good mood and brings us together.

The Barbecue Centre was born in 1976, it remains a family business and continues to grow, with new models, makes and accessories added throughout the year, our showroom is open in the summer 7 days a week  and is packed most weekends with demonstrations and good fun, we love what we do and what the whole industry stands for, its one of very few that centres around family and fun. There is a vast array of information available on the web from recipes to ideas and tips, our aim here is to share the popular recipes from suppliers and customers, along with a few family favorites!, we going to show you what some of the accessories are for and why they are available, believe us, when we first saw some without the demo we would never have stocked them, the Weber chimney starter is one prime example, with a quick demo, no-one leaves without one.

I think it’s fair to say that the barbecue has evolved over time, what started as a kettle is now also gas and a garden stove, whatever you choose to cook on, make sure you cook outside and keep an eye on us here at BarbecueGeeks!

For now, happy grilling…